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Get to know No-Fault Benefits

Many people who are injured in motor vehicle accidents are faced with an overwhelming amount of new medical treatments and expenses. These can include doctor visits, physiotherapy, and massage therapy.

Section B of your insurance policy provides what are called “no-fault benefits” to persons injured in automobile accidents. The medical portion of no-fault benefits includes coverage for treatment such as:

– physiotherapy

– massage therapy

– pain medication

– adaptive aids/reequipment (TENs machine, walking cane, etc)

– mileage for travel to treatments

If you have private health insurance, you are required to process it through private insurance first, and then any remaining cost to your automobile insurance company.

To qualify for the medical coverage, the treatment must be recommended/ordered by a doctor to treat injuries resulting from your motor vehicle accident.

We often receive calls from people injured in car accidents whose car insurance company has refused to pay for medical treatment (especially physiotherapy or massage therapy) even though the family doctor has ordered it.

New Brunswick Courts have been clear that reasonable expenses for those types of treatments are in fact recoverable – regardless of whether the insurer or the insurer’s medical advisor agrees.

The patient also has the right to choose the clinic at which the treatment is received.

If you are having issues getting your insurance company to cover medical expenses recommended by your doctor, we encourage you to contact a lawyer to assist in enforcing your benefits.

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