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What is the role of mediation in New Brunswick injury lawsuits?

It has become more common in New Brunswick for parties to a lawsuit to agree to mediation.

Mediation can take many different forms but the type of mediation to which we encounter involves one person – usually a lawyer with experience in the field of personal injury – acting as an intermediary (“go-between”) between the parties.

A mediator has no power to make a decision or a ruling. Rather, a mediator receives written submissions (briefs) from each of the parties and tries to help all sides understand the strengths and weaknesses of their case.

The parties do not give evidence at a mediation, and anything said during the mediation process is not admissible in Court later if the case does not settle.

Mediation has reduced the number of cases that go to Court, helping victims and insurance companies settle injury claims without the time, cost, and delay of trial.

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