Legally Speaking

Understanding Section B Automobile Insurance: What Benefits are Available and Who Qualifies?

Section B automobile insurance are no-fault benefits available to persons injured in automobile accidents, ATV accidents, and snowmobile accidents.

Section B provides the following types of benefits:

  • Medical.
  • Income or Housekeeping (but not both).
  • Funeral / Death Benefits.

The Section B policy will cover you if you are a passenger in or a driver of a vehicle, or if you are a pedestrian.

For medical benefits, these will cover most out-of-pocket medical charges which are not covered by a private insurance plan or government plan.

To qualify for the income benefits, you must have been employed at the time of the accident or worked 6 of the 12 months immediately before the accident and have been disabled from your job for a period of 7 consecutive days within 30 days following the accident. Income benefits will pay 80% of your gross average weekly earnings up to $250.00 per week.

The Section B wording is long and complicated. At Correia & Collins, we frequently advise clients about their rights under Section B and assist them in securing those benefits. Correia & Collins represents accident and injury victims. Contact us by phone at 506-648-1700 or online for advice. Your first consultation is free.