Legally Speaking

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Car accidents can be confusing, with lots of legal technicalities and nuances, navigating the aftermath can be overwhelming. Throughout our many years representing accident victims, we have encountered common misunderstandings that can impact a person’s understanding of their rights and benefits.

Here are five points to help clarify those common misunderstandings:

  1. Private Health Insurance vs Section B Benefits in New Brunswick

In New Brunswick, under Section B of your motor vehicle policy, your insurer will reimburse you for medical treatment. If you have a private health insurance for medical and income, however, that coverage must be exhausted before accessing Section B. We can usually recover what your private insurer has paid and restore them to you.

  1. Passenger Coverage: It’s About the Vehicle, Not Your Own Policy

It is often thought that if you are a passenger in another vehicle, your coverage comes from your own policy. In fact, if you are a passenger, medical and income benefit coverage comes from the insurance policy belonging to the vehicle you are in.

  1. Recovering Valuable Services

It is a common misconception that compensation only includes those for pain and suffering or out-of-pocket losses such as lost income. Accident victims can also recover amounts that take into account the impact that the injury has had on their ability to perform daily tasks such as housekeeping or chores.

  1. Vehicle Damage and Responsible Insurer

Many people believe that if you get in a motor vehicle accident, you must deal with the at fault party’s insurance company to pay for the vehicle damage. In fact, your own insurance company pays for vehicle damage, allowing you to avoid the other party’s insurer.

  1. Who is At Fault in a Parking Lot

Most have been told the myth that fault for a motor vehicle accident in a parking lot is always 50/50. However, fault for a parking lot accident does not have an automatic liability split. In fact, the rules that apply to roads and highways will also apply in parking lots.

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