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5 Things to Remember in Case of an Accident

No matter how minor, being in a motor vehicle accident can be an overwhelming event.

Here are a few important things to remember if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident:


  1. Report to Police  

It’s common for people to not want to go through the process of calling the police to an accident scene. However, having the police report to an accident is important for two reasons. First, it results in an official record that the accident happened. Second, the police will identify all parties involved, including getting the registration and insurance information for each vehicle.

Reluctance to call the police is often due to the fear of getting someone in trouble, or not feeling that you may be injured. Often, it is hours to days later when a victim realizes they are experiencing injuries from a motor vehicle accident. Therefore, we always recommend exercising caution and calling the police just in case.


  1. Exchange Identification  

It is helpful for all drivers involved to exchange information such as names and phone numbers. Even better, use your phones to take a photo of each others’ driver’s license to eliminate any room for error.


  1. Exchange Insurance Information  

Following your accident, it is important to know the insurance information of the other driver(s). This is particularly important for reporting the accident to your own company. It will also be useful for you and your legal counsel to know which companies are involved if you decide to pursue legal action.


  1. Exchange Vehicle / Registration Information  

The more information you can share upfront, the better.

Having Vehicle and Registration information helps you better identify the vehicle(s) involved and identifies who the registered owner of the vehicle is.


  1. Seek Medical Attention 

If you are injured at the scene of the accident, be sure to seek medical attention for assessment as soon as possible, either by ambulance and/or hospital.

Seeking medical attention is important to diagnose any injuries and to rule out anything serious you may not identify right away.


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