Legally Speaking

  • How can a lawyer help after a sea-doo / watercraft accident?

    Zooming across the water on a Sea-Doo can be an exhilarating experience. However, just like any recreational activity, accidents can happen, resulting in injuries that may have a profound impact on your life.

  • How can a lawyer help after a snowmobile accident?

    Snowmobiling is a popular winter activity that provides outdoor enthusiasts the ability to traverse snowy landscapes. However, snowmobile accidents can occur, resulting in injuries and potential long-term consequences.

  • How can a lawyer help after an ATV accident?

    All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) can be thrilling, offering outdoor enthusiasts a unique way to explore difficult terrains. However, ATV accidents can occur, resulting in injuries and potential long-term consequences.

  • What is the role of mediation in New Brunswick injury lawsuits?

    It has become more common in New Brunswick for parties to a lawsuit to agree to mediation.

  • Understanding Section B Automobile Insurance: What Benefits are Available and Who Qualifies?

    Section B automobile insurance are no-fault benefits available to persons injured in automobile accidents, ATV accidents, and snowmobile accidents.

  • What to expect from an Independent Medical Examination (IME) in New Brunswick?

    Under New Brunswick Rules of Court, the other party is entitled to an independent medical examination of injury victims, by a doctor of their choice.

  • What should injury victims know about surveillance practices in New Brunswick?

    Insurance companies will often conduct video surveillance of injury victims as well as monitor their social media accounts.

  • What happens during a discovery/deposition in a legal case?

    A discovery (frequently known as a deposition) is a hearing at which each of the parties is questioned under oath by the lawyers for the other parties. It is not a trial, but your evidence will be given under oath and you must answer all questions as truthfully and accurately as you can.

  • What types of damages can you claim for personal injury from a Motor Vehicle Accident?

    Claims for losses from personal injury follow rules set by our Courts and legislation.

  • How can you secure an advance payment for special damages after an accident?

    An advance payment refers to a partial payment of the money owed to you by the at fault party due to the accident.